air-activated hand warmers and foot warmers produced by SHUAI & MEI DAILY PRODUCTS company

  SHUAI & MEI DAILY PRODUCTS(QINGDAO) CO.,LTD.  is equipped with advanced spontaneous heat temperature control technology, which it makes us become the world's spontaneous heat products production base; owing to the high quality and good performance of product, we provide medical warm hot compress physical therapy to China's hospitals for many years.

    SHUAI & MEI DAILY PRODUCTS(QINGDAO) CO.,LTD.l is focusing on spontaneous hot products for 10 years, and our research and development team have won more than 10 national patents and become the representative of the national science and technology brand, our company is benchmarking enterprises in China's adhesive warmer industry.

    SHUAI & MEI DAILY PRODUCTS(QINGDAO) CO.,LTD. equips with independent storage facilities, we can freely provide convenient zero cost storage and value-added services to customers.

    SHUAI & MEI DAILY PRODUCTS(QINGDAO) CO.,LTD.  warm paste derives from the natural mineral powder, vermiculite, activated carbon, inorganic salts, etc., it is non-toxic, no side effects, low carbon environmental protection. We believe good products stand the test of market.




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