Pet warmer by Shuai & Mei Daily Products (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

Firstly we can know the specifications of pet warmer


Size: 95x70 mm       

Net weight: 17 g±2

Packing: 240 pieces/carton                                                                             

Heating Last: 6+hours

Average Temp: 40C

Max Temp: 45C                            


Secondly, we can talk about its natural material, which includes Iron Powder, Water, Vermiculite, Activated Carbon and Salt.etc


Thirdly, what’ is its working theory? Pet warmer ingredients like iron, activated carbon and water. Once these ingredients come into contact with the oxygen in the air, the ingredients oxidize and produce heat. The combination of ingredients has been specially formulated to ensure a constant and comforting heat for a wide variety of uses.


Most of all, you should rightly store it, that is to keep it dry, put cool place and avoid direct sunlight.




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