Where is the warmer pasted?

Where is the warmer pasted?

1. Can warmer be used on top of anti-inflammatory and analgesic?

After the warm patch is heated, the absorption of the skin is strengthened, thereby increasing the original effect of the medicine, please avoid using it.

2. The warmer fell off immediately.

The warmer is attached to the fluffy clothing, and it is easy to fall off depending on the type of clothing. Please pay attention to the use of warmer.

3. Can warmer be pasted on any clothes?

Because warmer adhesive may damage the surface of clothes, try not to use it on expensive clothes.

4. Can the warmer be reposted once it has been removed?

The warmer still retains its adhesive strength and can be used as long as it is not easy to fall off after being attached. It will not have any effect on the use time and temperature because of the removal and reposting.


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