Household dessicant hanging moisture absorber bag by Shuai & Mei Daily Products (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

Hanging moisture absorber bag

Product classification: Hanging moisture absorber bag

Product specifications: 500ML

Product size: length 295mm * width 160mm

Main ingredients: high moisture absorption calcium chloride, carbon particles

Hanging moisture absorber features:

1. This product uses anhydrous calcium chloride, the particles are white, and the moisture absorption capacity is strong

2. Selected high-quality calcium chloride particles, strong moisture absorption; imported moisture-locking paper, tightly locks water vapor

3. This product can strongly absorb moisture in cabinets, bamboo utensils, books, pianos, stereos, carpets, etc., to prevent items from becoming moldy and yellowish due to dampness

4.Hanging hook design,easy hanging,do not occupied the space.

5.special leakage design,moisture absorbing visible.

6.Import wet lock paper,strong Permeability,firmly safe.

7.Corners tightly sealed,no leakage,safe. 

8 .High quality calcium chloride,highly absorption;unique carbon particles,eliminate ordors.


Brand customization

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hanging moisture absorber bag



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