Warmer does not apply to the crowd - by Shuai & Mei Daily Products (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

Warmer does not apply to the crowd:

1. Pregnant and expectant women: The warmer on the abdomen, will make pregnant women and intra abdominal fetus produce too much internal heat, fetal birth can appear a variety of heat diseases, such as dry, sores and other problems; Sticking it to the right position of the uterus can seriously cause uterine contraction, affect fetal position, and even lead to fetal malformation and premature birth.
2. Children, especially infants, because of their delicate skin, can not accurately express discomfort, easy to burn.
3. It is also not applicable to patients with diabetes, blood circulation disorders, heat sensitivity, and the elderly and infirm due to insensitive nerve endings.
4. There is no fear of cold in winter, it is best not to use: warm paste is mainly suitable for cold physique, that is, one to winter cold hands and feet, often repeated cold people; For people who are not cold and cool, the heat generated by warm stickers for a long time is excessive, but cause overheating of the body, causing discomfort.
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