Warmer for the crowd: by Shuai & Mei Daily Products (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

Warmer for the crowd:

1. Warmer is suitable for shoulder spine discomfort: sitting for a long time, facing the computer, shoulder lumbar discomfort.
2. Warmer is suitable for cervical vertebra discomfort: often bow to play electronic products, cervical vertebra discomfort.
3. Warmer is suitable for muscle injury: soft tissue, bone and joint acute twist and contusion.
4. Warmer is suitable for rheumatism old cold legs: middle-aged and old people rheumatism, old cold legs, arthritis and other middle-aged and old people.
5. Warmer is suitable for people with heavy moisture: poor mental state, sour legs and poor appetite.
6. Warmer is suitable for body deficiency and sweating: poor physique, spleen and stomach disorders, insomnia and many dreams, body deficiency and sweating.
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