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The reaction principle of warmer

The reaction principle of warmer is to use galvanic cells to accelerate the oxidation reaction speed and convert chemical energy into heat energy. In order to make the temperature last longer, the product uses the mineral material vermiculite to keep warm. Because the product cannot react before use, the bag material must be very special, consisting of raw material layer, gelatin layer and non-woven bag. Non-woven bags are made of microporous breathable film. It also has to have a regular airtight outer bag, a gelatin layer. When in use, remove the outer bag, so that the inner bag (non-woven bag) exposed to the air, the oxygen in the air through the breathable membrane into the inside. The time and temperature of exothermic heat is controlled by the rate of oxygen penetration of the permeable membrane. If the oxygen is permeated too fast, the heat will be released at once, and the skin may be scalded. If the oxygen is too slow, there is no temperature. After use, it is a black brown solid, which contains carbon powder, NaCl solid, Fe2O3 solid and magnesium aluminum salt.
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