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Warmers common sense

1. Why will warmers heat
If you leave iron wet for a long time, it rusts, which is the acidification of iron that we see in our daily lives. The chemical reaction that acidifies iron as it reacts with acids in the air produces heat, and this principle is used in a single heating package. In everyday life, when iron rusts, it also generates heat, but the acidification process happens more slowly, so it doesn't feel warm.
2. Whether rubbing warm paste can speed up heating?
The body of the warmer is made of non-woven fabric, which is airtight. Due to the fact that the air can not be penetrated, micro holes are opened on the warmer. When using warmer, if rubbing warmer will lead to micropore blockage and can not heat. Rubbing warm packets does not speed up the heating process. After being removed from the outer bag, heat can be generated by shaking it slightly.
3. Is it impossible to rub the pastable warmer?
The sticky warmer uses a special nonwoven cloth to prevent acid penetration. If rubbing the warmer, the iron powder in the warmer will be collected on one side and unable to heat up, so it is recommended not to rub the warmer.
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