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The function of warmer

Each part of the human body has a local microcirculation system, for each part of the body to operate and maintain, discharge the body waste. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes that "general rules are not painful, pain is blocked", which means that when the human body is often invaded by cold air, the local microcirculatory system is blocked, so that the corresponding body can not get nutrition, and can not discharge waste, it will produce pain, and then cause disease. The continuous heat release of warm patch can promote the human microcirculation into a benign cycle, restore normal physiological function, so as to eliminate pain and treat diseases.
Function: Open the outer bag of warm paste, hot compress quickly, reduce swelling, relieve pain, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, widely applicable to all kinds of cold phobia.
1. Warmer can quickly relieve and eliminate the pain caused by a variety of cold diseases, arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, back and leg pain, rheumatism and rheumatoid, cold limbs, cold pain in the affected area and other diseases of rapid pain relief, ready-to-use products.
2.Warmer has the function of warding off cold and keeping warm, promoting human microcirculation, and has good swelling and analgesic function for hand, foot frostbite, bone injury, muscle injury and other symptoms.
3.Warmer can promote the smooth flow of meridians and collaterals, hot compress the relevant acupoints, eliminate the symptoms of stomach cold discomfort, impassability of meridian and blood. Warmer has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.
4.Warmer can replace heavy cotton clothes in winter to provide temperature protection for the human body. In order to promote the human microcirculation into a virtuous cycle state, restore normal physiological function, thereby eliminating pain, treatment of disease.

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