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Warmer is not harmful to humans

Warmer is generally not harmful to the body, but burns and allergic skin reactions may occur.
Warmer is a common external daily articles. The reaction principle is to use galvanic cells to accelerate the oxidation reaction speed and convert chemical energy into heat energy. To make the temperature last longer, the mineral material vermiculite is used for insulation. The main components are iron powder, activated carbon, water, inorganic salts, etc., through the chemical reaction to release heat, to achieve the effect of warm and hot compress.
Warmer can be affixed to the shoulder, abdomen, back, waist, back and related joints of the human body to ensure the warm and comfortable parts. Some women menstrual period also like to use it to compress the small stomach, relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.
Warmer can not be directly in contact with the skin, so as to avoid scalding, or even allergic reactions; This usually requires a separate layer of clothing, preferably with cotton underwear. In addition, patients with diabetes, local vascular disease, and skin diseases are advised to consult their doctors if they can use Nuanbao paste.
In the process of using the warmer, if you have any discomfort, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time to avoid adverse effects.




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