Warmer is not suitable for the crowd

Warmer is not suitable for the crowd:

1, Pregnant women and for pregnant woman: when we make warmer stick on the belly, warmer will make the pregnant and produces excessive internal heat, this can appear a variety of hot sex disease after birth, such as dry, sores and other issues; If the warmer is stuck on uterine position, it seriously cause uterine contractions, and it affects the position of fetus, and it can even lead to fetal abnormalities, premature birth.
2, Children, especially infants, because of its skin are tender, and they can not accurately express discomfort and warmer is easy to burn;
3, Diabetes, blood circulation disorder and sensitive to heat and frail elderly, because nerve endings insensitive, warmer also do not apply;
4, The winter chills, they had better not use: warmer is mainly suitable for cold constitution, namely when winter comes, warmer is suitable is the crowded who they are cold feet and often catch a cold repeatedly; For the cold physique, warmer can produce excessive heat for a long time, this cause that air frame is overheating and discomfort.
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